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Global SEBS Market Report 2017

The growing demand for SEBS from adhesive & sealant and coating applications is anticipated to drive the SEBS market in the future. SEBS is creating its space in plastic industry as a potential replacement for PVC in various applications and is the major driving force for the global SEBS market in the future. However, environmental restrictions over production of SEBS is likely to counter the growth of SEBS in the global market.

The styrene ethylene butylene styrene market is segmented into two types - form and end-use industry. The form segment is further divided into pallets and powders, based on their production process. Powder is the largest available form in the global SEBS market, due to its application flexibility. Application of SEBS in the construction and adhesives industries is propelling the demand for powdered form of SEBS, for easier application.

Asia-Pacific is the largest consumer of synthetic rubber. The region is under huge demand for infrastructure development in several countries. Countries such as China and India are enjoying the low-cost labor advantage in the automotive and construction industries, which account for most of the consumption of SEBS. Reconstruction activity is gaining pace in developed economies, which is anticipated to drive the SEBS demand in the global market.

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